Hills of Moo
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Hills of Moo

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Open World

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Hills of Moo is the first installment of the Super Docile series, a CTM map series by Vechs. It is a free-form survival map, with the dungeons and Victory Monument being completely optional.


Hills of Moo takes place on an island with rolling hills, a dense forest and a vast desert. It has two large dungeons and one smaller dungeon as well as a Victory Monument, and a small rail system as well. It has everything the player needs to survive, and even has cow spawners scattered about to give the player an infinite source of food. If the player chooses to complete the monument, they can do so by dying wool rather than finding the wool in a dungeon.


Note: Only Temple of the Natural Order is officially named

  • Temple of the Natural Order (All Wools except white)
  • Desert Pyramid (IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY)
  • Forest Dungeon
    2015-07-28 17.00.51

    The city-like dungeon underneath the desert pyramid


  • Spawn Point Station
  • Bedrock Mine Station
  • Victory Station (Victory Monument)

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