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Home of Swarm

Home of Swarm is the Blue and Green Wool Dungeon in Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


Home of Swarm is a cavern made entirely out of Stone Silverfish Blocks, meaning that breaking any of them will result by spawning a few silverfish. The cavern is decorated with cobwebs, making the area difficult to traverse. At the back of the cavern, near a chest is a deep crater. Inside the crater are two more caverns, a Fleecy box for each cavern. The Green Wool Fleecy Box is encased in bedrock so players cannot get in without ender pearls.

Points of Interest


  • Blue Wool
  • Green Wool


  • Cobwebs (for string)


  • Stone Tools and Food - Medium
  • Combat Supplies - Low in the deepest part of the caves.
  • Combat Supplies - Medium near the crater


  • Cobwebs
  • Silverfish blocks
  • Fun Box near the Green Wool


Leads to...

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