Hostilities Begin
Hostilities Begin


2-4 Players




Beta 1.7.3


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Hostilities Begin is the first Race for Wool map created by Vechs. It is meant to be played with teams of 2-4 players, though up to 9 players per team can be supported.


The objective of the map is to find three wool and place them on the Victory Monument before the other team does. Each team has their own lane which is 32 blocks wide, each identical to and mirroring the other. Each lane contains three wool (Red, Green and Blue) which are hidden in Fleecy Boxes. The lanes not only have the usual hostilities of a CTM map, but also have TNT detonators that can be lit from one side, setting off TNT on the other side to hinder the opposing team's progress by destroying terrain and loot chests. While it is legal to assault the opposing team with ranged weapons such as the detonators or with simple bows and arrows, it is forbidden to cross over to another lane or bridge out in to the void. To do so is a forfeit.


  • Staring Area (Victory Monument)

    One of the many TNT detonators throughout the map

  • Mountain Area (Green Wool)
  • Ocean Area (Blue Wool)
  • Lava Area (Red Wool)

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