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Humble Start

Humble Start is the first dungeon of Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


Humble Start is a small room with a lava stream and a tree on the opposite side of the entrace. The intended path here is to take the cavern to the left of the entrance (after a short parkour sequence) and traverse it with only 4 torches, leather pants, one bread and a sign. The cavern only has one zombie spawner and two spider spawners, the rest of the mobs spawn naturally, meaning this dungeon can either be easy or hard, it depends on luck. The player will emerge on the opposite side of the room, on the side with the tree (there are zombie spawners jsut above the exit from the cave). Here, the player can break a floating column of gravel, which will result in sand falling and forming a bridge, making it easier to switch sides, should the player die. There are 3 creeper spawners hidden behind gravel in the northern wall (some of this gravel floats in the air). Above the tree are platforms with 2 more trees (there are also some coal ore blocks) and a tunnel leading to Intersection 01 with 2 spider spawners and holes leading to a cave with 3 zombie spawners (fall damage won't kill the player but it will really hurt him).

Points of Interest


  • 3 Trees on 2 dirt blocks (the first one has gravel beneath it)
  • Coal ore


  • A chest containing 4 torches, 1 bread, a "battle sign" (unenchanted), and leather "manpance".
  • A chest containing 32 cookies.
  • A chest containing 2 cookies, 13 and cat records, and a "locked chest" (which cannot be opened, despite the message on the nearby sign).


  • Players should try to go into the cave as quickly as possible to minimize spawns, then go through it quickly. Instead of going straight for the tree, break the gravel to form a bridge so the cave does not have to be traversed a second time.
  • Alternatively, the player could punch through the walls of the room and not go through the cave at all. Attempting to do this along the right edge is not recommended - a sign will scold the player for tunneling, and digging any further will release lava.
  • It is also possible to acquire 5 glowstone blocks from the spawning area and use them to pillar up far enough to reach the sand bridge.
  • The zombie spawners above the cave exit can be blocked to prevent them from falling down on the player.
  • The creeper spawners are not dangerous, as long as you don't try to dig the gravel.
  • The spider spawners and holes in the tunnel to Intersection 01 can be easily blocked, though they must also be lit from outside to stop spiders from spawning through the wall.

Leads to...

It's a secret to everybody


one-block-wide-and-high entrance to secret room

Right above the entrance to lava room and close to the sand bridge (before it falls down) is a small entrance to IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY ROOM which contains a chest with a diamond axe, 4 pieces of bread, and a stack of torches.


  • The sign and leather pants in the initial loot chest were clearly intended for Zisteau, inspired by his LP of Kaizo Caverns.

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