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Ilvern Ruins

Ilvern Ruins is the Grey and Blue Wool dungeon of Kaizo Caverns.


Ilvern Ruins is one of the first dungeon of Kaizo Caverns that is a structure instead of a cave. Before entering the ruins, players go through a tunnel of wooden pressure plates but, as usual, they do not set off any traps. After these, players go into a cave containing three ruined buildings made up of stone bricks. Above, there is a bridge that goes to Cavern of Sky and the main part of the Ruins. Inside, a corridor to Ilvern Mines can be found, as well as a wheat farm and the fleecy box for the blue wool. The ruin also has a weapons forge and bedrooms.

Points of Interest


  • Grey Wool
  • Blue Wool
  • Gold


  • Wheat Farm.

Loot (Ilvern Ruins)

  • Potions - Low (x2)
  • Random Loot Chests (x7)
  • A chest with 9 sets of chain armour, 9 wooden swords, 32 arrows and 5 TNT.
  • A chest with 6 bread, 10 wooden planks, 4 sticks, 20 cobblestone, 10 flint and 20 leather.
  • A chest with 15 wooden planks, 6 iron ingots, 3 wooden axes and 3 wooden shovels.
  • A chest with 2 bread, 20 torches, a bowl, wooden sword and wooden axe.
  • A chest connected to a random loot chest, containing 20 torches, 5 of each mushroom, 73 cobblestone, 20 sand, 20 gravel, 4 ladders, bread, and 3 wooden pickaxes.
  • A chest with 32 arrows and a wooden sword.
  • A chest with 20 leather and 2 wooden axes.
  • A chest with 40 stone slabs, 44 leather, 34 arrows and a piece of cobblestone.
  • A chest with 20 sticks, 64 arrows, 9 bread and 2 TNT.
  • A chest with 16 wooden planks and 2 paper.
  • A chest with 4 paper, a book, a compass and a clock.
  • A chest connected to a random loot chest, containing 5 wooden pickaxes, 5 wooden shovels, 14 cobblestone, 10 glowstone blocks and 12 bone meal.
  • A chest containing 24 of each mushroom and 2 bowls.
  • A chest containing 64 arrows and a wooden sword.
  • A chest containing 4 iron helmets, chestplates, boots and swords, 4 stacks of arrows, 4 bows, 64 torches and 2 water buckets.
  • A chest containing 3 sets of chain armour, 40 flint, 42 sticks, an arrow, 6 TNT, 2 wooden swords, 2 stone swords, and 2 wooden axes.
  • A chest containing a wooden sword, 2 books and 11 paper.
  • A chest containing 4 wooden swords, 4 wooden axes, chain chestplate and boots, and 20 torches.
  • A chest containing 4 wooden pickaxes, chain chestplate and boots, and 16 TNT.
  • A chest containing 25 saddles.
  • A chest containing 6 books and 8 paper.
  • A chest containing a wooden sword and a chain chestplate.
  • A chest connected to a random loot chest, containing 10 bread and 6 wooden hoes.

Loot (Ilvern Mines)

  • Random Loot Chest (x2)
  • A chest containing 19 flint, 20 stone, a wooden axe, 5 paper, a chain chestplate, 4 wooden pressure plates, 2 bread, a book, a wooden sword, a chain helmet, 4 TNT, 8 wooden pickaxes, 150 rails, and 20 torches.
  • A minecart chest containing 8 wooden pickaxes and 25 cobblestone.
  • A minecart chest containing 35 stone, 14 gravel, chain chestplate and boots, 39 cobblestone, a wooden sword, 2 TNT and 35 torches.
  • The only gold ore found in the entire map.


  • Skeleton Spawners
  • Blaze Spawners
  • Cave Spider Spawners
  • Spider Spawners
  • Silverfish Spawners
  • Zombie Spawners


  • Next to the wheat farm are signs from a person who was exploring the ruins saying 'we delved too deep, too greedily', 'they came from the mines... the mines...' 'they are coming! I think I am the last o'. These signs were made by one of the explorers of the Kaizo Caverns, and he is refering to the Cave Spiders in Ilvern Mines before one of them killed him.


  • Visiting the Ilvern Mines is dangerous due to the amount of spider spawners, but it has the only gold in the map, otherwise the player will have to farm tons of pigmen in the purple wool dungeon.
  • The natural stone walls are silverfish blocks, an explosion might lead to a dangerous half an hour grind to clear all the resulting silverfish.
  • Dropping TNT and bridging seems to be the best option to destroy the spawners since there are +20 blocks of TNT in the Ilvern Ruins before.

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