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Intersection 1

  • What most players find
  • What Rosie finds
Intersection 1 is an intersection in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Intersection 1 is made entirely out of sandstone, with a glass floor. This intersection contains the most amount of secrets out of any intersection in a Super Hostile. Next to the intersection is a pre-built base, which is in all interesections and a few other areas. Under the glass floor is a lava cavern with loot in it. There are also secrets in the paths to Everforge and Outer Darkness. The one in Everforge is exclusive to AxlRosie, who made Vech's channel art.

Points of Interest


  • Rock's Lost XP found under Outer Darkness
  • Random Loot chests next to Upper Mines and under the intersection
  • Sweet Lemonade next to Upper Mines
  • 48 Rosian Battlegear chests hidden under Everforge, but only AxlRosie can enter the room due to an Ender Pearl spawner.


  • The glass breaks easily, so falling into the lava is a danger.
  • Ender pearl spawner could potentially kill if not removed (only affects AxlRosie).

Leads to...

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