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Intersection 2

Intersection 2 is an intersection in Waking Up, a CTM map by Vechs


Intersection 2 is a small room which leads to 4 different areas/dungeons. A light hangs from a hole in the ceiling by iron bars, and below it is a glass floor leading to the void. Glass barriers to the areas help to make this intersection safer.

Points of Interests

Down in the hole below the glass square in the middle of the chamber there is a two block high entrance to a room blocked by gravel on the eastern wall. This room contains 6 random loot chest, one of them containing diamond helmet.


The hole in the middle of the chamber leads to the void and the only thing that stops player from droping down is 1 layer of glass.

Leads to...


  • The sign in the loot room stating "It's a secret to everyone" is a reference to the original Legend of Zelda game.

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