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Inventory Wipe Horror Festival (Red Wool)

Inventory Wipe Horror Festival is the final dungeon of Vechs Super Hostile map, Waking Up. As a red / black wool area it is dangerous and fairly strenous area.


The dungeon is split into two parts. The first part is a huge room with Glowstone walls, a thin Nether Brick slab pathway and a ton of Ghast spawners. This area is similiar to the final room of Boomer Castle. The second part is a fortress in the Nether with dangerously thin bridges. The first part, as seen on the photo to the right, is short and, while intimidating, is not as hard as it may at first seem, provided the player has the right equipment. There are Blaze spawners inside the obsidian, but will be almost useless if the player uses a Fire Resistance potion (Though these can be fairly hard to get). That way, the fireballs will neither hurt nor knock the player back, but their melee attack will regardless. The walls have Ghast spawners in them, but should not spawn any so long as the player stays on the bridge. If the player falls, there a a few layers of invisible ladders to catch them, and a chest containing four Ender Pearls to get back up.

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Inventory Wipe Horror Festival (Black Wool)

The second part is in the Nether. This time, the player is up against a fortress made of Nether Brick. This part not only has the black wool, but iron, gold, diamond and the redstone ore, all for the monument. The black wool is located at the end of the dungeon, inside the structure at the centre of the photo to the right. Behind this structure is a railway to a Nether Portal, which will guide the player back to Paradise.

Points of Interest


  • Red Wool
  • Black Wool
  • Block of Iron
  • Block of Gold
  • Block of Diamond
  • Redstone Ore
  • Chapter 20, beneath the first large platform in the Nether



  • Phase 1 has a lot of Blaze spawners covered in obsidian and Ghast spawners in the walls.
  • The portal to phase 2 has three Skeleton spawners encased in bedrock, which can shoot the player off the bridge.
  • The fortress is riddled with a variety of spawners. These include Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, Blazes,Cave Spiders, etc.
  • Skeleton spawners will vary depending on the player's version: In 1.3, it will always spawn regular Skeletons, but any version above 1.4 has introduced Wither Skeletons, and spawn them the majority of the time. This means 1.4 makes parts of the dungeon harder, however the last part is much easier than if it had regular Skeletons.
  • Invisible ladders may block attempts to use ender pearls to take shortcuts.


Ep47 Waking Up Dev Commentary (V122)

Ep47 Waking Up Dev Commentary (V122)

Vechs plays Waking Up (Inventory Wipe Horror Festival)

Strategies Inventory Wipe Horror Festival (Red Wool)

  • Remove Ghast spawners by going around the walls.
  • You can use ender pearls to get to the Red Wool, but don't be too risky.
  • Bring small amounts of supplies.
  • Expect to die a lot, but don't stop trying to escape it.
  • Make air tunnels (2H x 1W x 1L in the air)
  • A potion of invisibility renders this area quite trivial, though there's still the risk of bumping into natural spawns on the walkways.

Strategies Inventory Wipe Horror Festival (Black Wool)

  • Don't Anger The Pig Men!
  • If you're Desperate you can go around everything.
  • Let mobs fight each other (especially Blazes).
  • Make air tunnels (2H x 1W x 1L in the air)
  • Get Rid of Ghast spawners first.
  • Be careful when collecting the diamond ore, as the creepers can blow it up. The gold/redstone dome has a large redstone deposit in the ceiling, so don't worry about the charged creepers destroying the few blocks on the floor.
  • You will need a Silk Touch pick here, so make sure to enchant one and set it aside.
  • As above, invisibility potions render this area much less dangerous.