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Jester Citadel

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The trap. Only one chance here.

Jester Citadel is the red wool dungeon of Nightmare Realm, a CTM map by Vechs.


Jester Citadel is located at the edge of Winter Wonderhell, in the corner opposite the Castle Balestein. The outer appearance is a netherack structure with flames on top of pillars. The dungeon's main specialty is traps (See Hostilities). The basement is made out of stone, with snow on the floor, though doesn't have as much hidden pits as Winter Wonderhell or Cold Cave did. The main trap is at the fleecy box. Players will only have ONE chance at this trap, and if they set it off, the red wool is gone and the entire map is lost and must be restarted from the beginning.

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The secondary Fleecy Box exists in case an Enderman ruins the final trap

In case Endermen set off the trap in advance (and ONLY in that case), there is a snow tunnel leading to another fleecy box (containing a single wool) in a floorless room filled with skeleton spawners.

Points of Interest



  • Chest at beginning containing 192 stone slabs, 64 mossy cobblestone, 128 fence, 64 oak wood planks, 64 cobblestone, 64 oak wood, 5 torches, 16 cookies, wooden pickaxe, 2 flint and steel and an iron sword.
  • Stone Tools and Food - Medium hidden near the fleecy boxes.
  • A stick
  • Iron sword, bow full stacks of arrows and torches, and a cooked porkchop.


(For disabling traps, see Strategies)

  • The first trap is two creeper spawners, which blow up a redstone torch, setting off a TNT trap. Breaking the first spawner (or placing a torch too close to it) will also break the redstone torch, setting off the trap.
  • The second trap is a number of pits hidden by snow.
  • The 3rd trap is near the fleecy box. Players will fall through the snow, only to find a treasure room. However, one of the snow hides a pit. The main trap is set off if the player destroys the glowstone on the trap, activating a TNT explosion which can create a large hole into the void.
  • The main trap of the dungeon is the red wool trap. If this is messed up, the wool is lost, but there is still one other fleecy box in the dungeon.


  • The creeper trap can be disabled by lighting up the room so creepers don't spawn, but be careful not to place a torch too close to the snow block or it'll melt and set off the TNT. Go through the gap in the wall and remove the TNT and/or the redstone. It's now safe to remove the spawners.
  • Snow can be avoided by digging as you move.
  • The loot chest trap can be avoided simply by opening the chest withoiut breaking the glowstone (It doesn't have to be broken)
  • For the red wool, first head right at the beginning. Now jump onto the floor (It's safe, just don't place blocks on it) and the chest in the fleecy box should be in reach. Once the red wool is aquired, place a ladder 2 blocks above the ground in the same corner used to get down and jump onto the gravel (don't place the ladder too close to it though). Now escape should be easy.
  • The final room with the alternate wool can be tackled by bridging around the wall, avoiding skeletons by setting up a wall of your own.

Leads to...


  • A sign at the stairs says 'Still here? Continue down for more Super Awesome FUN' which is a probable reference to a dungeon from Legendary.

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