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Intersection 1

Intersection 1 is the first Intersection of Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


Intersection 1 is made up of stone slabs, and is set up high above a pit leading into lava. The signs are placed on double stone slabs in between 2 glowstone blocks. The entrance leading to Humble Start has lava encased in glass, Floating Shards is mossy cobblestone and stone, Castle Acedia is burning Netherack and cobwebs and East Commons is wood blocks with a single leaf on top. If the player looks up, they can see the Roman Numeral for 1 ( I ). These are present above all intersections 1-4, but this is the only visible one, as they were intended to help Vechs navigate the map from above.

Points of Interest


  • Coal ore


  • A chest in the middle of the lava containing a single torch.
  • A chest in the wall near the above mentioned chest, containing rails, wood, glass, flint and steels, and other items.


  • There are no walls to protect the player from potentially falling into the lava.


Leads to...