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Legion Halls

Legion Halls is the yellow wool dungeon in Waking Up, a CTM map by Vechs.


Legion Halls is made up of several rooms that all look alike. All rooms are made with a stone brick - sandstone checkered design, along with four pillars of varying blocks. The most common of these pillars are made of lapis lazuli blocks, while the rooms in the middle have netherack pillars and the last few rooms next to the fleecy box have obsidian pillars. Most of these pillars cover up spawners, and the player must break through them in order to break the spawners. The area contains many silverfish blocks which, along with a combination of spawned silverfish and potion traps, can make this dungeon very dangerous, as silverfish apocalypses can happen as a result. Some rooms feature loot, the main loot of the dungeon being Wolves in a chest. There is also a hidden loot room, where players can get high-quality items.

Points of Interest


  • Yellow Wool
  • Chapter 8



  • Zombie and Silverfish spawners under the lapis pillars
  • Cave Spider, Blaze and Endermen spawners under the obsidian pillars
  • Potion Turrets
  • Silverfish blocks


  • Speed and strength potions are recommended here, as they can cut through the monsters quickly.
  • A power miner is very helpful for taking down the spawners, and the Power Miner 3000 is made of stone, so it can also break the lapis pillars as well as the floor.
  • Make sure you have a way to kill silverfish in one hit (a Strength potion will make this much easier). If you aren't able to, the large number of silverfish blocks (as well as the spawns) can easily overwhelm you.
  • In order to access the hidden loot room, take a right at the first intersection after entering the dungeon. Continue taking the only open path available to you until the pillars in the corners of the rooms change from lapis to netherrack. At this point, continue down the netherrack corridor until you have an opening to you left that returns to the lapis pillars. This opening on the left will come immediately after a similar one on the right, so be sure that you are paying attention to which side it is on. Follow this corridor through the two rooms until it dead-ends, and the hidden loot room will be immediately on your left.

Leads to...

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