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This is the first Super Hostile map to use a Continental style. This type of map focuses on travelling and exploration, across a large continent with expansive, realistic-scale biomes.


  • White Wool
  • Orange Wool
  • Magenta Wool
  • Light Blue Wool
  • Yellow Wool
  • Lime Wool
  • Pink Wool
  • Gray Wool
  • Light Gray Wool
  • Cyan Wool
  • Purple Wool
  • Blue Wool
  • Brown Wool
  • Green Wool
  • Red and Black Wools
  • Player's Ship
  • Lethamyr
  • Victory Monument

Lethamyr is the eleventh installment to the Super Hostile Series, a CTM map series by Vechs. This is the first continental map, and is also the first map to be played on Hardcore.


Lethamyr is a large island in the middle of the ocean. The objective of the map is to search for dungeons on a vast continent and locate the Victory Monument, all without dying. This is much harder than in Open World maps, due to the size of the map. There are also 5 different versions of the map. These versions are all very similar, but the loot in chests is different, various mob spawners are different, and the location of the Victory Monument is different. Variant E disables hardcore mode, so players can die without losing the map, but this was only added much later after the map's release. Another difference Variant E has compared to A through D is that compasses will point toward the Victory Monument, and therefore also the brown wool.

Unlike in other Super Hostile maps, resources such as wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond are not introduced to the player in a specific sequence - instead, they are found throughout the terrain as in an ordinary Survival map. Some mineral clusters are exposed within the various dungeons, but you can also acquire them at your own leisure by simply tunneling down and branch mining. In a sense, Lethamyr is effectively "Survival first, Super Hostile second", and the only map in the series thus far where you can expect to start by walking toward a forest, punching down some trees, building a house, making a wheat farm, establishing yourself in normal Survival gameplay, and even making your own enchanting table before even starting on the Victory Monument.

Note that, as of June 2015, Variant E is the only version available for individual download - Variants A through D are only available as part of "The Old Stuff Pack" (a 475MB download containing all of the old Super Hostile maps).

Vechs also created a Variant J that was made specially for LPer joehills to play. This is also avaliable as part of "The Old Stuff Pack".


Lethamyr map

Lethamyr Map with marked wool locations

Note: Only the continent is officially named


Note: None of the dungeons have names


  • Due to the Continental world type and Variant E having easy respawn rules, the player can set up their base, gather their resources in abundance and tackle the map with proper equipment right from the get-go. After each dungeon they can replenish any lost resources and attack the next dungeon at their leisure.


  • This is the only map featuring Hardcore respawn rules and the Continental world type. It is unknown if Vechs will employ either formula in future maps.