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Lime Wool Dungeon

This is the Lime Wool Dungeon in Lethamyr, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Lime Wool Dungeon is a wooden ship that has been sunken near the coast of Lethamyr. The entire deck is underwater, and has 8 TNT cannons which cannot be used, due to being underwater. Inside the ship are furnaces and chests, with a fleecy box located under the floor of the middle room. There is also a lot of bookshelves and glowstone blocks in the ship.

Points of Interest


  • Lime Wool


  • 4 double random loot chests in a storage room. Variant C is overly generous here, as it gives 2 diamond chestplates.


  • Drowning is the primary threat here.


  • Use torches or doors to create air pockets. Torches are only available for a second, doors can be as long as the player needs. Signs also create permanent air pockets.
  • Simply swimming down to the bottom of the ship and taking the wool is all that is necessary. There is a hole in the ship right next to the fleecy box, making this dungeon extremely easy.

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