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Lonely Lava Cavern

Lonely Lava Cavern is the first dungeon of Vechs Kaizo Caverns , a CTM map by Vechs.


Lonely Lava Cavern is the first of the Kaizo Caverns the players go through. The majority of the dungeon is a small cave with lava, coal ore and loot chests. As the first area, the loot chests contain basic equipment such as food, wood, blocks and weak armor and weapons. The coal is dangerously close to the lava, and players will have to bridge to reach it. There are, like most of Kaizo Caverns, pressure plates in the second part of the dungeon, but only the stone pressure plates spring traps. The second part of the dungeon is a smaller room with only floating gravel as a floor. Under the gravel is more lava, and players need to jump from gravel to gravel to reach the fleecy box and the intersection. However, some of them are trapped, and can be identified by stone pressure plates. If these are triggered, they will update the gravel, causing it to fall
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Lonely Lava Cavern Part 2

. The fleecy box, containing the white wool, is found in the room to the left. The gravel next to the door way is trapped, however, and mining throught the wall may be required to reach it. Finally, there is a short hallway with wooden pressure plates. These, like most wooden pressure plates, don't spring any traps, however the two stone pressure plates at the end will.

Points of Interest


  • The white wool


  • Zistonian Battlesign Level 1
  • Feather Boots
  • Flak Vest
  • A hidden chest containing a regular wooden pickaxe
  • A hidden chest containing two torches
  • A chest containging 32 ladders, 64 sand and 32 glass
  • A hidden chest containing 26 cobblestone and 1 wooden plank
  • A chest containing a wooden axe
  • A hidden chest containing 8 flint, 7 cobblestone, a wooden sword, a chain chestplate, chain leggings and chain boots.
  • A chest at the entrance to the second room containing 6 bread, 2 sticks, a bowl and 1 cobblestone.


  • Players should first find the wooden pickaxe near the lava's surface, then mine the coal. Care should be taken, as some of the coal is trapped and will trigger TNT when mined.
  • The second part can be reached by either pillaring or tunneling up to the higher part of the cavern. There's also a chest with almost a full set of chain armor and a wooden sword. The Flak Vest and Feather boots should also be taken, as they aren't hidden and are easy to reach.
  • The room with floating gravel can be cleared by jumping across the gravel, bridging over it, or mining through the wall.
  • The fleecy box may require mining, as it has a trapped gravel in the way.
  • Most wooden pressure plates can be ignored (except for the one near the bottom center); the stone pressure plates are the ones that spring the traps, as they are hard to see.

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