Lower Mines
The entrance to the Lower Mines






Abandoned Dormitory



The Lower Mines is the Orange wool dungeon of Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Lower mines is located off of the eastern tunnel of Intersection 1. It is composed of Sandstone double-slabs and has railways leading in different directions. There are many different spawners located throughout, and as players gets closer to the wool, they will come across Zistykin spawners, Witch spawners, and Thornguard skeleton spawners. As players approach the wool, they  will find different mob spawners, as well as a blaze spawner.

Points of Interest


The "Fleecy Box". Creepers and Blazes are visible.


  • Orange wool


  • Many random loot chests locates throughout the dungeon, mostly on railways.
  • Thornguard armor and weapons
  • Witch loot (Stale Bread, glass bottles, etc.)
  • Cleophian Crate Booper (diamond axe with Unbreaking 100 and Efficiency 100)
    • A nearby group of "crates" to "boop" - Wood x 128, Coal x 128, Potions - Low, and others
  • Skeleton-stack-minecart loot (anvils, stone picks, iron swords, arrows, hoppers, poison II potions, and books of Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Looting III, and Feather Falling IV)
  • "Zisteau house" building kit (glass blocks, glass panes, glowstone, bricks, fences, stairs, and paintings)


  • Creeper spawners
  • Skeleton spawners
  • Wraiths
  • Cave Spider spawners
  • Thornguard spawners
  • Zistykin spawners
  • Witch spawners
  • Blaze spawners
  • Stacks of skeletons on minecarts
  • Below the floor in the Fleecy Box room is lava, and if enough of it is blown up, it will become exposed.


Ep03 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Lower Mines - Orange Wool)01:10:04

Ep03 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Lower Mines - Orange Wool)

Vechs in Lower Mines

As you enter the Lower Mines, you can follow the wooden railroad leading to the right. It could be possible to ride a minecrat to the end of the railroad, however there are not many powered rails along the way. As you follow the tracks, you will see tracks branch off into other areas. Only follow the tracks that are connected to the main route. At the end of the track, you will come to a wooden platform. Climb down the ladder, and take the path that goes to the right. The player should be cautious, as this is where the Thornguard, Witch, and Zistykin spawners are located. You should come to a tunnel that branches off to the left; that is where the wool is located. One should be cautious, as there are creeper and blaze spawners all around the Fleecy Box.

Along the way, there are two places where players can place a TNT minecart on the railway and send it over an activator rail to ignite it and demolish groups of spawners. The first one can be used to blow up a group of cave spider spawners (surrounded by webs), and the second one can be used to destroy the Thornguard and Zistykin spawners near the end.


The Cleophian Crate Booper was originally intended to be a joke item, named in honor of ZombieCleo's Half Life 2 Let's Play series (and her desire to "boop" the various supply crates open). However, it has a hidden use - due to an oddity in the way Minecraft handles slab blocks (and the fact that Inferno Mines is made largely of special "double smooth sandstone slab" blocks), the Crate Booper can be used to instantly mine through nearly any natural wall (though it does not leave any blocks behind). This makes it incredibly useful both for large-scale excavation projects (e.g. XP grinders) and for quick escapes from dangerous situations. (Does not work in later versions of Minecraft)

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