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Lush Ruins is the Yellow Wool Dungeon of Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Lush Ruins is a set of ancient ruins inside a giant cavern. As the name implies, it is filled with leaves and vines, and the ruins are made of mossy cobblestone. The ruins are filled with a large amount of random loot chests, guarded by tonnes of spawners. One of the ruins to the far north west of the entrance is where Codewarrior the Instigator is located. The yellow wool is located in a ruin to the left of the entrance. If the player heads straight ahead from the entrance, they will find mass amount of resources such as lapis, coal, redstone and iron. Above the iron ore is iron blocks, which is intended to be used to make iron golems in Eternal Battle. The path to the next dungeon and intersection is found to the right of the entrance.

Points of Interest



  • Cleophian Crate Booper
  • Cleophian Free Glass Harvester (Sadly nonfunctional in Minecraft 1.5.2)
  • Death Sentence
  • A very large amount of random loot chests
  • Chests containing enchanted books.
  • Power Miner 4000
  • Zistonian Battlesign Glitch
  • Bonus chest at top of lava tube: diamond axe, diamond shovel, 2x diamond sword, 4x Protection IV books, 5x Unbreaking III book, 4x XP bottle stack, and other assorted minor loot


  • Iron ore
  • Lapis ore
  • Coal ore
  • Redstone ore
  • Iron Blocks



Ep08 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Lush Ruins - Into the Ruins)58:16

Ep08 Inferno Mines Dev Com (Lush Ruins - Into the Ruins)

Vechs in Lush Ruins

  • The wool is located to the left of the entrance, keep a sharp eye out for it and try to avoid exploring other parts of the area unnecessarily


Most of this area was created by taking naturally generated terrain (from a particular modded version of Minecraft) and replacing most of the block types.

The spawner-filled tunnels were a byproduct of Minecraft generating a large network of abandoned mineshafts in the area (since it was created in MCEdit but wasn't flagged to suppress structure generation) - rather than manually remove them, Vechs decided to "roll with it" (as with the small coal deposit beneath Amanita Cavern) and work the mineshafts into the area, replacing the wooden supports with mossy stone brick and replacing the rail tracks with mob spawners.

Near the exit to Flame Warp is a hollow tube of lava with a loot chest hidden at the very top. In earlier beta versions of this map, this chest contained a water bucket, a resource which was not intended to exist in the map. In the final version, this "mistake" was remedied, though it was at least replaced by some additional useful loot.

Leads to...

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