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Magenta Wool Dungeon

This is the Magenta Wool Dungeon of Lethamyr, a CTM map by Vechs.


The entrance to the dungeon is a big rock in a lake, located in the jungle. Inside is a stairway down to three square rooms, which lead to a stone brick stairwell, a type of room that features in many Lethamyr dungeons. At the bottom of the stairwell is a ruin made of mossy cobblestone. This ruin contains many random loot chests, but also many monster spawners for stronger mobs such as blazes and ghasts. The dungeon is mainly composed of corridors and a few big rooms. The Fleecy box in the last room when turning right at the entrance.

Points of Interest


  • Magenta Wool


  • Iron Ore
  • Gold Ore


  • Ghast spawners in the loot rooms and the Fleecy Box room.
  • Blaze spawner in a loot room.
  • Skeleton spawners in the stairwell
  • Spider spawners in the stairwell
  • Zombie and Creeper spawners in the corridors.


  • Rushing into the dungeon and lighting everything up before anything can spawn is a good tactic for this dungeon, due to the corridors being narrow and easy to light.
  • Ghast and blaze spawners should be the priorities when removing spawners from rooms.

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