Mellow Cavern
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Mellow Cavern is the Pink Wool Dungeon in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Mellow Cavern is a large cave made entirely out of sandstone. The entrance to the dungeon is above the main part of the dungeon. This first part is a tunnel-based cavern. After this is a large hole which forms a very big cavern. The dungeon is mainly populated by Mooshrooms, and a small lava river going around a central island. On the foot of the island, the fleecy box can be seen. The Fleecy box is guarded by Creeper Jockeys, which are Creepers riding on Cave Spiders. There are also "Gunships" located around the wall, which are a tower of skeletons with a blaze on the bottom and the top. This dungeon also leads to another area known as "The Lost Cavern", where Kamyu the Hidden, the first boss of the map is located.

Points of Interest


  • Pink Wool



  • Power Miner 1000
  • Supply - Ladders (4 stacks)


On the way from the entrance of the area to the top of the cavern, a pillar of sand blocks can be seen. At the bottom of this pillar is an engraved sandstone block - break it, and the sand pillar will fall down into the cavern and give you a convenient place to build your ladder (using the nearby ladder supply chest). Surrounding the ladder with other blocks is recommended, as skeletons hiding along the walls can easily snipe you and knock you down to your death (if you aren't wearing Feather Falling boots).

Take care when approaching the Fleecy Box, as there are multiple spawners which will deploy creepers riding on top of cave spiders. Either bridge over to the fleecy box or attack the area from below, spamming torches and using the Cleophian Crate Booper to carve away the floor and reveal the spawners.

Leads to...

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