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Merciless Magma Zone

Merciless Magma Zone is the Light Gray Wool area of Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


Merciless Magma Zone is mainly a sea of lava with obsidian islands. The dungeon is similar in appearance to Sea of Flame II. It is also similar to Lethal Lava Land from Nintendo's Super Mario 64. In the middle of the sea, a ruin can be found which contains some random loot chests. Further on, the player will eventually find an island which looks very similar to the Classic Island in Sea of Flame. This is also where the wool is located. Left of the starting point is another tower. This one leads to caves that contain iron ore. There are also gravel spires surrounding the dungeon.

Points of Interest


  • Light Gray Wool


  • A sea of lava
  • The ruins contain many Skeleton, Zombie and Creeper spawners.


  • Iron Ore


Building Blocks are a definite thing to bring here, as you will need to bridge across lava to get to the dungeon, as well as the other islands containing iron. Try to plan your trip to this area in a way that allows you to harvest iron by day, and take on the dungeon by night. 

Leads to...

  • Intersection 4


  • In the intersection, behind the sign for Merciless Magma Zone is another sign saying 'Not to be confused with a Land made of Lethal Lava' referring to Lethal Lava Land from Super Mario 64.

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