Mindcrack Season 04 Episode 001 (World Tour)33:01

Mindcrack Season 04 Episode 001 (World Tour)

Mindcrack Episode 1


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Mindcrack SMP Season 4 is a Minecraft series by Vechs.


Mindcrack is a private whitelisted server started by Guude, accepting only the best quality Minecraft Lets Players. Vechs was invited to the server near the end of his Uncharted Territory II Lets play, announcing this in the final episode. He officially joined the server on August 9 2013. Since then, he has made more than 80 episodes. His series has featured many other Mindcrackers, including Guude, Zisteau, Kurt, MCGamer, Paulsoaresjr, GenerikB and BdoubleO. Vechs owns a base in a base under a jungle biome, which consists of 3x3x3 hallways underground, with a castle built on the surface above. On the 17th of July 2014, the server will be resetting, ending season 4 of Mindcrack.

Season 4 Episodes

  1. World Tour
  2. Scouting for a base
  3. Coastal Resources
  4. Oceanic Pig Herding of Doom
  5. Ocean Floor Farms
  6. Mystical Obsidian Farming Technology
  7. Lets "Fix" the Spawn Grinder
  8. Fleecy Box Prank - Paul Soares Jr
  9. Vechs Stalks PSJR and Loves the Skelegrinder
  10. Oh What's This? What's That Over There?
  11. The Red Prank - GenerikB
  12. Vechs Moves to a New Base
  13. Time Lapse Discussion Time
  14. Late Night Base Walkthrough
  15. I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire
  16. Kurt, Caves and Cave Spiders
  17. Behind the Walls Part One
  18. Behind the Walls Part Two
  19. Does the Carpet Match the Drapes
  20. Intersection 01
  21. The Humble Start of Project Rainbow
  22. Vechs Clones Himself
  23. It Belongs in a Museum! Part 1 feat. PSJR
  24. It Belongs in a Museum! Part 2 feat. PSJR
  25. It Belongs in a Museum! Part 3 feat. PSJR
  26. It Belongs in a Museum! Part 4 feat. PSJR
  28. Zisteau's Parking Garage :3
  29. Dinnerbone Shows Up and Distracts Vechs
  30. Moon of My Life
  31. Let's Use Our Camera Account
  32. Grey, Grey, Go Away!
  33. PSJR Weapons, DocM Collab and Spider Grinder
  34. He's The Vetches in Red, When Everyone Else is Wearing Tan
  35. Vechs Is Awesome at Redstone
  36. We Have to Debug The Chickens
  37. PSJR Swat Fedex Prank Reaction
  38. A Really Shearing Discussion
  39. Buff TNT
  40. Let's Play Terrarium
  41. Playing Harvest Moon in My Basement
  42. "Howdy Neighbor Prank" on PSJR
  43. INTRUDER ALERT! Pranked by PSJR
  44. Lightly Fried Fish Fillets
  45. It's Really Amaging
  46. A Grown Man Begs
  47. Boom!!!
  48. It's The Final Countdown!
  49. Dinnerbone Pranks Me
  50. PRANK! - Vexacotta Army for PSJR
  51. We're Going Topside
  52. I Don't Even Know What to Put Here
  53. I Need to Subdue Etho
  54. The Humble Start of Davion Keep
  55. 10,000 Year Old Mystical Cave Snowman
  57. One, Two, Three, Ladder!
  58. Christmas Spawn Village Visit
  59. Button Nipples
  60. Conquering of Lost Rift
  61. Silver and Gold
  62. The Bravest Vechs Ever
  63. The End
  64. Mindcrack 64 only for Nintendo 64
  65. Now You're Thinking With YouTube Errors
  66. Thanks For the Signs...
  67. The Dalanian Accord
  68. Crime Scenes Accounting
  69. A New Dalanian Citizen
  70. Working on Intersection 2, Talking About Tweets
  71. The Quest for Pigderp
  72. Our Base is Under a Tack
  73. Pranked by Zisteau!
  74. A Little Recon Prank on Pigderp
  75. Preparing Something Unique
  76. Pigderp Diamond Challenge Prank
  77. A Very Special Episode (April Fools 2014)
  78. MC Gamer is My Property Buddy
  79. Plotting Against the Monk
  80. Aureylian Likes Fanfic
  81. Elf Farts and Unicorns
  82. Helpful Vetchus
  83. Pink Relly Bits and Youtube Venting
  84. Guude Wants to See My Skin
  85. The End of Mindcrack
  86. Relly Makes a Dungeon for Me
  87. Escape, Boats and Thoughts
  88. Mindcrack Server Group Tour (Vechs' Base)

Season 5 Episodes

  1. Welcome to Episode One of OW OUCH OWWW!
  2. Booping Darwin's Butt
  3. Come Save Me Vechs
  4. SethBling is a Gangsta
  5. Fish Thief
  6. Creepy Bunnies
  7. The To Do List Returns
  8. Mindcrack Shore
  9. Build Complete: South Side Bridge
  10. A Quick Nether Adventure with Seth
  11. Sheeptree Evolved Into Ramwood
  12. Build Idea: Our Dyed Have Died
  13. Bad Luck Vechs
  14. Prank! Pushing SethBlings Buddons


  • Adlington
  • AnderZEL
  • Arkas
  • Aureylian
  • Avidya
  • Baj
  • Blame the Controller
  • Coestar
  • DocM
  • Guude
  • Jsano
  • Kurt
  • MCGamer
  • Mhykol
  • Millbee
  • Nebris
  • Pakratt
  • Pauseunpause
  • Pyrao
  • SethBling
  • Sevadus
  • Vechs
  • VintageBeef
  • Zisteau

Former/Inactive Mindcrackers

  • Madcow
  • Alcimedes
  • Stennett
  • Davmandave
  • Crysix
  • Espie
  • it3fergie
  • Kennedyzak
  • Kururo
  • LowlanderND
  • Shree
  • Just_Defy
  • BdoubleO (VIP)
  • GenerikB (VIP)
  • TheJims (VIP)
  • PaulSoaresJr (VIP)
  • Etho (VIP)

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