Mindcrack UHC Season 14 Episode 01 "Getting Wood with Zisteau"-025:02

Mindcrack UHC Season 14 Episode 01 "Getting Wood with Zisteau"-0

Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 14 Episode 1

Team SuperHostile

Team Super Hostile

This is the first episode of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 14, a Minecraft PVP series recorded by Vechs and other Mindcrack members.


The episode begins with the intro, followed by the 20 participants forming a circle, Vechs standing between Pakratt and Arkas. SethBling began to randomize the teams for the season. After revealing team Gold and Blue, before doing team Green, which happened to be Zisteau and Vechs, a team so many people were hoping for. After this, they introduce the season and explain how they are using a plug-in called 'Mumble,' meaning they are all in a skype chat and can hear each other when within a certain range. They demonstrate this by teleporting Pause into the air, who screamed as he returned to the ground. This is a throwback to the pregame of season 3. After teleporting into the world, Vechs and Zisteau, known as Team Super Hostile, begin to gather wood from trees, followed by gathering stone in a nearby lake cave in order to get basic supplies. They discuss how they should play, agreeing on causing some chaos in PvP, so they at least kill Pakratt, based on how unlucky he is at the start of most UHCs. After crafting two stone swords, two stone picks and a stone axe, they begin to search for food. Although beds have no purpose, they decide to kill sheep anyway for experience. Right after saying this, they both target the same sheep, and Zisteau hits Vechs with his axe, dealing 5 hearts of damage. This was caused because Vechs glitched into Zisteau, so neither of them could see each other. After this incident, they split up. Vechs begins chopping down trees while Zisteau continues killing animals. After regrouping, they decide they don't have time to check the forst for apples, and they have to take shelter for the night. Vechs starts killing a cow, making loud 'Wheck' noises, and Zisteau, thinking he heard someone, told him to be quiet. Dismissing this, Zisteau heads to a cave, but Vechs gets sidetracked by killing pigs. While Vechs is gone, however, Zisteau hears Guude and Etho  nearby, and tries to be quiet. Unfortunetly, Vechs, completely oblivious to them, returns and says 'Pigderp' very loud. Zisteau tells him to get away, and they run to a hill nearby and dig into it. They find iron immedietly, making this slightly beneficial. After 3 minutes of digging down, Vechs finds a cave with a mineshaft. They spend the rest of the episode mining the coal and iron.

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