Mindcrack UHC Season 14 Episode 05 "Poor Guude"19:57

Mindcrack UHC Season 14 Episode 05 "Poor Guude"

UHC 14 Episode 5 "Poor Guude"

This is Vechs' final episode of Mindcrack UHC 14.


The episode straight after the cliffhanger that was left at the end of episode 4, as Vechs and Zisteau slowly approach Team Cavalry, a team that had always been close to them the entire season. Unfortunetly for them, Guude saw them before they could attack, followed by Zisteau pouring lava on himself. Guude and Etho used this as a distraction to block up the cave to defend themselves, but Vechs dug through it and killed Etho in two hits. After Etho was dead, Vechs broke into the cave and hit Guude a few times, only to be killed. Zisteau then came in with his lava bucket, Guude absent-mindedly extinguishing it and killing Zisteau. After the battle, Vechs, Zisteau and Etho stay on their death screens, talking to Guude as "ghosts", and Super Hostile telling Cavalry about how they had heard them early on in the season. Later, Jsano had died to Pause, as seen in a death message. After Vechs had left, Pyro, Seth and Anderz had been killed.


  1. Etho
  2. Vechs
  3. Zisteau
  4. Jsano
  5. Pyro
  6. Seth
  7. Anderz

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