Mindcrack UHC Season 14 Episode 06 "Bonus Clip"03:21

Mindcrack UHC Season 14 Episode 06 "Bonus Clip"

Bonus Clip

This is the sixth episode of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore, a Minecraft PVP series recorded by Vechs and the Mindcrack members.


This video is a  minute long clip of Vechs and Zisteau talking with Etho and Guude after their fight. Out of the 4, only Guude is alive. Vechs suggests Guude should make a memorial for him, Zisteau and Etho. Guude places Vechs' sign behind him, but Vechs starts being picky and tells him to put it in a certain spot, and Guude comments that they are the 'Most needy dead people [he had] ever seen'. He does this, writing 'Vechs lies here'. Guude then puts Etho's memorial on a chest, where he died, and then Zisteau somewhere behind Vechs. Vechs suggests finding Zisteau's lava bucket, but it's nowhere to be seen (Nobody noticed the obsidian next to Vechs' memorial). Guude then decides to continue mining in the cave he was in, and the three start calling him back, 'Don't leave us!' and start making ghost noises out of Guude's name. Guude returned to check the chests one last time before leaving the trio in the cave forever. On that note, Vechs hovers his mouse over 'Respawn' to head over to the 'Afterlife' and the bonus episode ends, thus ending Vechs' season 14 of UHC.

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