Minecraft Ultra Hardcore S11 E01 - "It's Always Sunny"22:05

Minecraft Ultra Hardcore S11 E01 - "It's Always Sunny"

Zisteau's Episode 1 of UHC 11


UHC 11 Intro

UHC 11 is a season on Mindcrack UHC, a PVP tournament held by the members of Mindcrack. Vechs was not part of this season, due to not being a Mindcracker at the time.


This season was a Free For All between 21 players, during an infinite day. The season began as normal: Gather wood and stone and go caving. Some players, such as Kurt, wanted to spend more time exploring. The first kill happened five minutes after the game began, but this time it was not Pakratt to die, it was Avidya, who had been slain by AnderZEL. Shortly after, Dinnerbone, a guest of the season, was killed by Doc. Jsano had to leave due to internet problems, and Pause was killed by an enderman, all in the first episode. This season featured at least one death per episode, though the first major battle happened in episode 3, between Kurt and Baj, however neither of them died in it. Baj escaped, and Kurt chased him, but instead, he found BdoubleO, and fought a long battle with him. During this fight, Etho and Beef encountered near a village. Etho chased Beef into the Ice Plains, and killed him while he was on ice. A few seconds later, BdoubleO killed Kurt, being left at half a heart. While all this was happening, Zisteau was busy at the centre building a skybase. Millbee had found a temple Kurt had previously raided, and was ambushed by Pakratt, who was wearing diamond armor. However, Millbee still managed to kill Pakratt. BdoubleO spent the following 2 episodes wandering around with two and a half hearts, until episode 7 when he found a desert village. Although it was already pillaged, Pyro was seen inside, and Nebris was charging for him. BdoubleO witnessed the two fight in a short sword fight, with Nebris being the victor. However, before he could heal himself, Nebris was also killed by Pyro's dog. When BdoubleO checked the remains, he found 6 health potions and a golden apple. He healed himself up, then headed for the centre, unaware that he had left one of the potions behind. Etho found the village soon after BdoubleO left, and claimed the potion as his own. Anderz, who had made his way to 0,0, spot Zisteau's Skybase, and tried and failed to fight it. He abandoned his tactics and went of to fight other people. He found Guude, and prepared himself for battle, thinking his 3 wolves would help him win. Unfortunelty for Annderz, Guude had 40 dogs and a flame bow, catching him by surprise. BdoubleO witnessed this, and tried to fight Guude, but Guude ran away, only to run into Etho. Guude tried to fight him, but never landed a single hit. When Etho made it to Guude's remains, he was ambushed by BdoubleO, and thus began the final major battle of the season. Despite all the health he had, BdoubleO was unable to kill Etho. The main reason for the loss was forgetting the potion, as he had dealt 10.5 hearts of damage to Etho. Etho proceeded to search for BTC, the final competitor, planning to drink a strength potion and use it to kill him. This did not work out, however, as BTC jumped him from behind a hill, killing him with ease.


  • AnderZEL
  • Avidya
  • Baj
  • BdoubleO
  • BTC
  • Dinnerbone
  • Doc
  • Etho
  • GenerikB
  • Guude
  • Jsano
  • Kurt
  • MCGamer
  • Millbee
  • Nebris
  • Pakratt
  • Pause
  • Pyro
  • Shree
  • VintageBeef
  • Zisteau


  1. Avidya was slain by AnderZEL
  2. Dinnerbone was slain by Docm77
  3. jsano19 left the game (Bad internet connection)
  4. Pauseunpause was slain by Enderman
  5. Docm77 was shot by Skeleton
  6. generikb was slain by Etho
  7. ShreeyamGFX was shot by Skeleton
  8. W92Baj was blown up by Creeper
  9. VintageBeef was shot by Etho
  10. kurtmac was slain by BdoubleO100
  11. mcgamer was blown up by Creeper
  12. Pakratt0013 was slain by Millbee
  13. Pyro_0 was slain by Nebris
  14. Nebris was slain by Wolf (Pyro_0's)
  15. Millbee tried to swim in lava
  16. AnderZEL was slain by Wolf (Guude's)
  17. Zisteau went up in flames
  18. Guude was shot by Etho
  19. BdoubleO100 was shot by Etho
  20. Etho was slain by BlameTC

Major Battles

  1. Kurt vs Baj - Episode 3
  2. BdoubleO vs Kurt - Episode 5
  3. Etho vs Beef - Episode 5
  4. Millbee vs Pakratt - Episode 6
  5. Pyro vs Nebris - Episode 7 (The main reason Etho vs BdoubleO was possible)
  6. The fights at 0,0 - Anderz fighting Zisteau and Guude, Etho fighting Guude and BdoubleO.
  7. Etho vs BdoubleO - The final major battle, BdoubleO tries to use his potions to his advantage - Episode 9.

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