Minecraft Ultra Hardcore S12 E01 - "Team Lavatrap!"24:45

Minecraft Ultra Hardcore S12 E01 - "Team Lavatrap!"

Zisteau's POV of Season 12 Episode 1

UHC 12

UHC 12 Intro

UHC 12 is a season of Mindcrack UHC, a PVP tournement held by the Mindcrack server. Vechs was not present in this season, due to not being part of Mindcrack at the time.


UHC Season 12 is one of the least popular UHCs. This is due to not only many PvE deaths, but the damage everyone was taking due to serious lag issues. Another issue was the rule for the season: No digging down. This led to many nights in "Hidey holes" or on a pillar, which made for boring footage. The season began normal, with everyone gathering wood and getting stone tools. The first death occured less than 10 minutes into the game, when Pakratt was killed by Sethbling. This kill resulted in leaving Zisteau on his own for the entire season. As the season dragged on, lag became gradually more noticable. However, only Zisteau and Pakratt were aware, however they dismissed it as their imagination. This changed in episode 5, when Pauseunpause and Pyro had pillared for the night, and see very clearly that the night was only two minutes long, and the mobs were becoming unnaturally fast. After several minute long days, Guude arrived and shut down the server. After this, everyone decided to deal with the lag and fought at the centre of the map. In the end, after a short battle between Team Mongooses, Brewski, Redshirts and Zisteau, Seth and BTC became the lucky winners of the laggy season.


  • Team Redshirt: Seth and BlameTheController
  • Team Brewski: Pyro and Pause
  • Team White Rush'n: GenerikB and Avidya
  • Team Mongooses: Baj and Kurt
  • Team NoBeef: Jsano and Beef
  • Team Wolfpack: Guude and Anderz
  • Team Germinators: Doc and JL
  • Team LavaTrap: Zistaeu and Pakratt


Episode 1

  1. Pakratt0013 was slain by SethBling
  2. generikb was blown up by Creeper
  3. AnderZEL was shot by Skeleton
  4. Guude was shot by Skeleton
  5. VintageBeef was blown up by Creeper
  6. jsano19 was shot by Skeleton
  7. AvidyaZEN was blown up by Creeper
  8. JL2579 was slain by Blaze
  9. Docm77 was shot by kurtmac
  10. kurtmac was shot by Zisteau
  11. W92Baj was slain by Zisteau
  12. Zisteau was shot by Pauseunpause
  13. Pauseunpause was shot by SethBling
  14. Pyro_0 was slain by SethBling

Notable Moments

  • Lag Apocalypse - The sun and moon speed up, causing days to become 1 minute long, and causes mobs to speed up exceptionally.
  • "Final" Battle - The only fight of the season, Mongooses vs Brewski vs Redshirts vs Zisteau.


  • SethBling was the player to get the most kills in the entire season, tied with Skeletons and Creepers, each getting three kills.
  • This is the second season in a row to have BTC the winner.

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