Mindcrack - Ultra Hardcore - S13E1 - Team OP22:09

Mindcrack - Ultra Hardcore - S13E1 - Team OP

Guude's Season 12 Episode 1

UHC 13

UHC 13 Intro

UHC 13 is a season of Mindcrack UHC, a series Vechs participates in. Vechs was not present for this season for unknown reasons.


The season begins as normal: all players gather wood and stone. However, things were slightly different for a few teams: Team NO! spawned in a desert, team Old-Bdbl0-Ratt-Bling got a temple with 50 gold and team BAND were stuck in a desert with no wood in sight. Pakratt was once again killed very early on, this time by VintageBeef of team OP, who ambushed him while Pakratt was digging down. Beef's team fled with the 19 gold Pakratt had, and dug down in search of a cave elsewhere. By coincidence, this place just happened to be right above team NO! Anderz and Pause attacked Team NO!, Anderz killed Paulsoaresjr and Grum, while Pause once again killed Etho. They were jumped by Pyro, who killed both of them, only to be instantly killed by Guude. Beef died to an insignificant zombie. Later on, team Old-Double-Bling camped at the centre of the map, at a place Seth nicknamed Twin Peaks. Team All-Business showed up and fought them in a long battle that took over an episode to complete, before Jsano was eventually killed in a village while BTC ran for cover in the jungle. Old-Double-Bling did not have a lot of time to recover, they soon spot team BAND coming out of the temple Pakratt had been killed in, and engaged in yet another battle. Old-Double-Bling were victorious again, but lost BdoubleO in the process. They then finished the season by killing Guude, being rewarded 4 golden apples, and used them to kill BTC in the end.


  1. Team NO!: Etho, PSJ, Grumm, Pyro
  2. Team Old-BDoubleO-Ratt-Bling: OldManWillakers, BdoubleO, Pakratt, SethBling
  3. Team OP: AnderZEL, Guude, Pause, Beef
  4. Team BAND: Baj, Avidya, Nebris, Doc
  5. Team All-Business: BlameTC, Dinnerbone, MCGamer, Jsano


  1. Pakratt0013 was slain by VintageBeef
  2. paulsoaresjr was slain by AnderZEL
  3. Grumm was slain by AnderZEL
  4. Etho was slain by Pauseunpause
  5. Pauseunpause was slain by Pyro_0
  6. AnderZEL was slain by Pyro_0
  7. Pyro_0 was slain by Guude
  8. VintageBeef was slain by Zombie
  9. mcgamer was slain by BdoubleO100
  10. Dinnerbone was shot by SethBling
  11. jsano19 was slain by SethBling
  12. Nebris was slain by SethBling
  13. BdoubleO100 was slain by W92Baj
  14. AvidyaZEN was slain by OldManWillakers
  15. W92Baj was slain by SethBling
  16. Docm77 was slain by OldManWillakers
  17. Guude was slain by SethBling
  18. BlameTC was slain by SethBling

Notable Moments

  • Team NO! "fights" team OP. 
  • Battle of Twin Peaks (Old Double Bling vs All Business)
  • Old-Double-Bling vs BAND.
  • Endgame (Seth kills Guude and BTC)

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