Mindcrack UHC Season 16 Episode 01 "Supplies for Daze"23:11

Mindcrack UHC Season 16 Episode 01 "Supplies for Daze"

Vechs Episode 1 of UHC 16

UHC 16 is a season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore, a series Vechs takes part in. Vechs was present for this season and was teamed with Arkas and Avidya.


This season of UHC features 4 newcomers to the series: Aureylian and 3 guests; oldGanon of ZipKrowd, Dinnerbone of Mojang and Dr. Brian Lorgon. The changes for this season are eternal day and shrinking borders. This is the first season to ban strength potions, due to the arguably unfair advantage Nebris and Pyro had the previous season. The season begins with everyone gathering wood. Kurt, Doc and Pyro had spawned very close to the world border, and had to spend the episode running away from it. BdoubleO was the first to take damage, but Jsano was brought down to three hearts by an Endermite shortly after. Around the middle of Episode 2, BlametheController of Team Bob Hoskins encountered Pause, Beef and Pakratt, and ran back to his team for support, going down to one heart in the process. At the start of the next episode, Pause, Pakratt and Beef went down into the ravine to finish their fight with Bob Hoskins. Beef was killed by Millbee whilst burning from Lorgon's lava, but then Pause charged into the cave, killing all three of the team members, only losing a heart and a half in the process. The team spent the next couple of episodes healing up. At the end of episode 3, Team Parents found Team DBMC the OG's nametags, inside a cave. They spared the team, leaving signs to tell them they were found. Later in episode 5, Team PVP find a horse, which Pakratt proceeds to tame. During this, Pause spotted Avidya of team Pretty in Pink. While they try to find him and his team, another battle was being fought by Divided Europe and Banjo. Divided Europe won the fight, but they lost Kurt, who burned to death. A few seconds later, Team Parents ran into Team Justis League. They lost the fight, only killing SethBling. Soon after this, Divided Europe were ambushed by Team DBMC the OG, and were killed very easily. PVP and Justis League encounter in the Plains, and Justis League kills both members of PVP without losing any more members of theirs. After sorting throught their inventories, they continue searching the plains, only to run into team DBMC the OG. They began their fight by shooting at each other from two separate mountains, then Nebris and Jsano tried to lure the other team out by going into the open. This, however, lead to their deaths. Shortly after this, Team Pretty in Pink was spotted. The last fight began, which resulted in Team DBMC the OG winning the season, with only Dinnerbone dying.


  1. Team Banjo - Anderz, Baj, Etho
  2. Team Parents - Aurey, BdoubleO, Guude
  3. Team PVP - Beef, Pakratt, Pause
  4. Team Divided Europe - Doc, Kurt, Pyro
  5. Team DBMC the OG - Dinnerbone, MCGamer, oldGanon
  6. Team Pretty in Pink - Arkas, Avidya, Vechs
  7. Team Bob Hoskins - BlameTC, Lorgon, Millbee
  8. Team Justis League - Jsano, Nebris, SethBling


  1. VintageBeef was shot by Millbee
  2. Millbee was slain by Pauseunpause
  3. BlameTC was slain by Pauseunpause
  4. brianmcn was slain by Pauseunpause
  5. W92Baj tried to swim in lava to escape kurtmac
  6. AnderZEL was slain by Pyro_0
  7. Etho was slain by Docm77
  8. kurtmac burned to death
  9. BdoubleO100 was slain by SethBling
  10. SethBling was slain by Guude
  11. Aureylian was slain by jsano19
  12. Guude was slain by Nebris
  13. Pyro_0 was slain by mcgamer
  14. Docm77 was slain by oldGanon
  15. Pauseunpause was slain by Nebris
  16. Pakratt0013 was slain by jsano19
  17. Nebris was slain by Dinnerbone
  18. Jsano was slain by MCGamer
  19. Arkas was slain by oldGanon
  20. Dinnerbone was slain by AvidyaZEN
  21. Vechs_ was slain by mcgamer
  22. AvidyaZEN was slain by oldGanon

Notable Moments

  1. Bob Hoskins fight PVP from the bottom of their ravine.
  2. Divided Europe fight Banjo.
  3. Team Parents fight Team Justis League
  4. Team DBMC the OG ambush the remainder of Team Divided Europe.
  5. Team Justis League fight Team PVP
  6. Team Justis League fight DBMC the OG.
  7. Team DBMC the OG fight Team Pretty in Pink

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