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MineFarmer XTREME TURBO Action Playset Ages 10 and up is a type of supply chest found in some CTM maps made by Vechs.

The contents of these types of chests are:

  • 3 dandelions and roses
  • 3 red and brown mushrooms
  • 3 sugar cane, vines and apples
  • 3 oak, birch and spruce saplings
  • 3 cactus
  • A pumpkin
  • A melon block
  • 3 wheat, melon and pumpkin seeds
  • 3 melon slices
  • 6 sand
  • A water block
  • A stack of dirt
  • 16 bone meal
  • 2 stacks of fence
  • A stack of gates
  • An iron hoe and one pair of shears


This supply chest can be found in the following maps:

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