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The Mossy Stone Brick Fortress acts as perhaps the only proper dungeon in the map

The Mossy Stone Brick Fortress is a massive building located on the outskirts of the desert in Black Desert II, a Hunter CTM map by Vechs.


The Mossy Stone Brick Fortress rests on top of a large island surrounded by lava. It is enclosed on all sides by a large wall, which has numerous Ghast turrent towers. The bridge leading to the fortress is guarded by a Blaze spawner and a Ghast turret. Additionally, there are several pockets of Silverfish blocks disguised as Cobblestone in much of the lower portions of the fortress. The lower areas are accessed via a stairwell that leads to a Nether portal, which takes the player to the final area of the map. Dozens of chickens also reside here, providing the player with a good renewable food source.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument


  • Combat Supplies - Low on the bridge
  • A chest with 5 stacks of ladders, 10 Golden Apples, 4 sticks and 24 leather in a Sorean Sign-Off Shelter


  • Vast amounts of mossy stone brick
  • Ghast tears
  • Chickens


  • Blue Wool Fleecy Mob
  • Numerous Ghast turrets
  • A Blaze spawner at the start of the bridge
  • Silverfish
  • General mob spawns


  • Near the bottom of the stairs leading to the Nether Portal is another flight of stairs leading to a ladder, which leads to the side of the building where the player can make a pathway to the bridge, so as to avoid the dangerous courtyard

Leads to...

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