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Nameless Resource Area

Nameless Resource Area is an area in Inferno Mines, a CTM map by Vechs.


Nameless Resource Area is part of the mini-intersection after Wilhelm Cliffs. The entrance is covered in gravel and players need to dig down it to enter the area. The first part of the area is filled with lots of coal ores. After this is a bigger, more open cavern of mossy cobblestone and gravel. This area is more dangerous, as there are spawners for strong custom mobs in the stalactites and a Alchemy Skeleton spawner encased in bedrock. This place also features redstone ore. In the depths of the cavern are more loot, but is guarded by Boomers and Wraiths.

Points of Interest



  • Coal
  • Redstone
  • Alchemist skeletons drop stacked water bottles (for renewable potions, AND the stacks)



If you've been going through the map in order, then the nameless resource area will probably have very dense natural spawns, as it is the only dark area for a wide radius. You can make the area much easier if you manually dig a honeypot in the wall nearby. All you really need to do is use a Cleophian Crate Booper or Power Miner to dig out a wide, 2-block-high dark area. Then leave the area and return to reset all of the spawns. The honeypot should dramatically reduce the density of spawns on the floor and make it much safer to access.

The main obstacles in the gravel area are a Thorn Guard spawner, a Vexian Witch spawner, and an Alchemist Skeleton spawner. The Thornguard and witch spawners can be found embedded in the large, mossy columns, while the alchemy skeleton spawner is indestructible inside a bedrock box. The wither skeletons drop stacked bottles of water, quartz, coal, feathers, and flint, so it is definitely worth farming them as much as possible. By combining stacks of water bottles, it's possible to get a full 64 water bottles stacked in one slot. These can then be collectively turned into potions, allowing you to carry stackable potions, which will be incredibly powerful later in the map.

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