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The Nether Forest

The Nether Forest is the final area of Black Desert II, a Hunter CTM mp by Vechs.


This area is located in the Nether, and can be accessed via a portal found in the Mossy Stone Brick Fortress. The area is surrounded by a bedrock wall, and is made up mainly of clay blocks and artificial trees made of wooden slabs. It is home to four Fleecy Mobs and three types of Ghasts that drop ores and mineral blocks for the Victory Monument.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument


  • A chest with an iron sword, a bow, three stacks of arrows, a gold helmet, gold leggings, gold boots, 10 golden apples, and a block of oak wood
  • A chest with 128 bowls
  • A crafting table and a furnace


  • Vast amounts of clay, spruce slabs and leaf blocks
  • Red and brown mushrooms
  • Diamond ore from Ghasts
  • Small amounts of stone and glowstone


  • Fleecy Mobs
  • Resource Ghasts
  • Potential Zombie Pigmen


  • Vechs recommends playing this area with fast graphics, as all of the leaf blocks can cause lag due to the amount of lighting information that the game has to process.

Leads to...

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