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Nether Fortress Dungeon

This is the Purple Wool dungeon in Kaizo Caverns . It has no official name, so is simply referred to as the Nether Fortress.


The entrance to the Nether Fortress is hidden under the path to Cavern of Sky . This is the only part of the map located in the Nether. After the going through the portal, the players will enter a base with loot along with an enchantment table and brewing stand. This dungeon does not look at all identical to the regular Nether Fortress. The fortress is a Nether Brick tower, with stone brick stairs going up to the entrance. Inside is a very short corridor, with a staircase at the end going to the roof, The roof has a Nether Brick Fence wall around it, with the fleecy box in the centre of the room. This can be a very short and easy dungeon, especially considering it gives the players good equipment at the start.

Points of Interest


  • Purple Wool



  • Enchanting Table
  • Brewing Stand
  • Nether Wart


  • Potential Ghasts
  • Zombie Pigmen
  • Creeper Spawners
  • Skeleton Spawners
  • Blaze Spawners
  • Cave Spider Spawners


Leads to...


  • This dungeon did not exist in the old version of the map, mainly due to no Nether Brick or Blazes.

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