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Netherstorm Island

Netherstorm Island is an area in Sunburn Islands, a CTM map by Vechs.


Netherstorm Island is made up of Netherack. It has a giant tree with soul sand for leaves and obsidian for the tree trunk and roots. The island is littered in gold ore, which can be used for the monument. In the centre of the island is a hole leading to a chamber. This chamber has a Nether Portal leading to the dungeon "Netherstorm Citadel" as well as an ender chest.

Points of Interest



  • Gold Ore
  • Ender Chest (Can be used to easily transport the gold and black wool)


  • Ghast Spawner
  • The hole to the Portal Chamber is very deep.


  • It's a good idea to organise the ender chest so there is plenty of back-up gear, while having room for the gold and black wool.
  • Climbing up and destroying the soulsand on the tree is a good idea to get rid of any mob spawns below. Diamond Shovel and tnt are very useful for quick destruction of the tree.

Leads to...

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