Nightmare Realm
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Nightmare Realm

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Open World

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4.16 (ROM-Hack Hard)






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A dark, brutal world of nothing but despair. Voted for and requested by the community, this map starts out brutal and stays that way. Unlike Legendary, in which the difficulty gradually increased the farther you got into the map, Nightmare Realm is the real deal from the very second you load into the map.

What will be your high score? (You'll never actually complete the monument...)


Nightmare Realm is the eighth installment to the Super Hostile series, a CTM map series by Vechs. It has long been considered the hardest map Vechs has ever made, as it was specifically designed to be oppressively hard. However, the modern Waking Up is also considered to be highly difficult, though it has not been rated.


Nightmare Realm is the second ROM-hack hard Super Hostile in the series. The map contains islands made up of differing types of blocks, i.e. Netherrack, snow, clay. The wool is found in areas, rather than the usual dungeons. Players begin the map in a wooden shack containing a bed. The bed should be protected at all times, and should be removed from the shack as it will most likely be destroyed otherwise. If the player dies without setting their spawn, they will respawn in the area 'Game Over' where they will be trapped and have to restart the map.


  • Starting Island
  • False Harvest
  • Winter Wonderhell
  • Game Over


  • Ribbons of Pain
  • Ribbons Spire
  • Eternal Tears
  • Cold Cave
  • Balestein Castle
  • The Ruined Tower
  • Dungeon Bunkerstien
  • Forestmen
  • The Caves of Madness
  • Home the Swarm
  • Sanctuary
  • Jester Citadel


  • Many of the Fleecy Boxes have a small amount of wool in them, greatly limiting the amount of times you can lose a wool from the normal 27 chances to as little as 1. As such, make sure you secure a safe route back to the monument before transporting wool.


  • To date, it is the only map with medium respawn rules.
  • Vechs has stated that he does not like Nightmare Realm as much as he does other maps, as he prefers maps that are challenging, but fair.

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