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The Northwest Ruins

Northwest Ruins is a dungeon in Canopy Carnage, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Northwest Ruins are a set of tall moss stone columns with square buildings on top, with most of the buildings being connected by dilapidated pathways. One area of the ruins has a way that's supposed to lead up, though it has no ladders.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • Pink Wool
  • Grey Wool


  • A chest containing a Golden Apple
  • A chest containing a Golden Apple, 32 bricks and four paintings
  • A chest containing three stacks of arrows, a dispenser and two redstone dust


  • General mob spawners
  • 16 Creeper spawners in an empty room


  • The Pink wool area of the dungeon has bedrock over the roof, so attacking it from above is impossible; Rush in quickly and block up the holes in the ceiling where Skeletons will be falling from, then just dig in the middle to find the wool chest

Leads to...

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