OOG is a team of Super Hostile Let's Players made up of BdoubleO and Guude. Though they are both individually active, they are no longer a team.


OOG came together for the first time to record a play-through of Legendary. The collaboration was intended to be a one-off, simply for the purpose of cross-promoting each other's channels. However, the two became quick friends and their let's play was well received, and so the pair completed many other maps together. Their friendship would eventually lead to BdoubleO joining Guude's Mindcrack Server and the two meeting in real life.


OOG- Minecraft "Legendary" Failures with Guude & BdoubleO - Ep 2536:43

OOG- Minecraft "Legendary" Failures with Guude & BdoubleO - Ep 25

In this episode, Guude intentionally kills BdoubleO

Their overall style was intended to be comedic, as they had neither the skill or interest to complete their maps in an efficient manor, preferring to just have fun. Their commentary was constantly vulgar and admittedly offensive, though all their quips were in jest, with most of their remarks being self deprecating. Their efforts when attacking a dungeon were highly uncoordinated; It was noted by Guude that he would often try to prepare for a dungeon while BdoubleO would run in blindly. The lack of teamwork would lead to both of them running in completely unprepared and placing as many torches as they could before they died, with both of them racking up hundreds of deaths in a single map. They would even playfully compete to see who could get the wool first, further demonstrating their utter lack of cooperation.

Drinking Game

OOG - Nightmare Realms with Guude & BdoubleO - E11 (Minecraft)31:21

OOG - Nightmare Realms with Guude & BdoubleO - E11 (Minecraft)

In this episode, OOG's playing drastically deteriorates due to drinking

Late in to their play through of Legendary, they came up with the idea to partake of an alcoholic drink each time they died. This lead to their playing becoming progressively worse as their recording sessions went on. On one occasion during their let's play of Nightmare Realm, they went an entire episode without making any progress at all. While some found their drinking to be frustrating, most enjoyed their antics, and the two carried on with the drinking game for most of their tenure together.


After each map, Guude and BdoubleO would think of a way to transition in to their next map. At the end of Legendary, they entered a Nether Portal and ended up in Nightmare Realm. After completing Nightmare Realm, they jumped off a ledge and landed in Sea of Flame II. To transition in to Spellbound Caves with Etho, the two stood on TNT "Teleporters" and blew themselves up, while Etho simultaneously activated TNT of his own to summon them. There was no transition for Kaizo Caverns or any map thereafter.




Main Article: OOGE

OOGE came about when Guude and BdoubleO invited Etho to play Super Hostile maps with them. As Etho's channel is intended to be family friendly, the duo omitted most of their vulgar mannerisms in consideration of Etho. They still retained their unfocused method of game play, though it was tempered with Etho's more skilled approach.


Their final map together as OOG was "Deathly Trails," a map inspired by Vechs' Hostile Trails concept. The two did not enjoy the map, and quickly pointed out that the map blatantly copied many areas of Legendary and had less satisfying game play. Not long after, BdoubleO grew weary of CTM maps, and the two pursued other projects. While Guude has revisited CTM maps, OOG has never played a CTM map since.


The two had a brief reunion when they were paired together for a season of Ultra Hardcore. As expected, their playing was extremely haphazard and poorly thought out, with the both of them losing most of their health in the first episode. While the two have interacted heavily on the Mindcrack server and other Ultra Hardcore contests, this would be the last time they came together as OOG.


  • Despite their let's plays being highly popular and entertaining, they have no loot, mob or area dedicated to them; However, there is a sign in Jester Citadel that references BdoubleO screaming "PLACE BLOCKS!" when the two were trying to conquer the castle located in East Commons

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