Oblivion Spires

Oblivion Spires is an area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


The area consists of two islands built almost entirely out of obsidian, with blocks of gravel scattered across. It features several tall obsidian pillars, most of which have a single dirt block on top.

Points of interest


Oblivion Spires

Map of Oblivion Spires, including Classic Island

  • There is a chest containing Flak Vest at the far edge of the first island.
  • There is a hidden chest behind the furthest and second highest obsidian pillar out of those in the lava sea and at the part of the island containing the entrance to Spire Depths. It contains a stack of torches, an iron sword, a bow, a stack of arrows and a cooked pork chop.
  • There is another hidden chest in an obsidian pillar near the entrance to The Lost Caves. It contains two iron swords, two bows, two golden apples, two stacks of leather, two stacks of arrows and a stack of torches.


-Light the place up, especially if you plan on exploring it at night!

-Don't fall in lava.

-There is dirt inside the Classic Island, so if the player wishes to find dirt, it will be more plentiful when looking under the island instead. If obtaining dirt at the top of the pillars, it is not smart to ender pearl up. Pillaring and using ladders are much more effective.

Leads to

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