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The Obsidian Area

The Obsidian Area is one area of the vast desert comprising the setting of Black Desert II, a Hunter CTM map by Vechs.


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Good Guy Vechs

The Obsidian Area gets its name due to the obsidian that riddles the ground. Near the edge that boarders the Soul Sand area of the map, a large deposit of stone and iron can be found. This small area has many villagers in it for some reason, even having two small ruined villager buildings. The overall area contains the Blue Wool Zombie.

Points of Interest

Victory Monument

  • Blue Wool


  • Vast amounts of sand and obsidian
  • Iron and stone
  • Lava
  • Cactus


  • Blue Wool Fleecy Mob
  • Ghast Turrets
  • Cactus and Lava
  • General Mob spawns

Leads to...

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