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The Rotten Caves

Oreflare is a dungeon area in Sea of Flame II, a CTM map by Vechs.


Oreflare is a cave area made almost entirely out of restone ore, with the exception being few glowstone blocks and a little structure made out of mossy cobblestone. The cave is pretty linear, it branches only once and for a short distance. There are three parts of the cave: the first one is the one you enter from the lost caves - from this part you have to climb to the second part which contains mossy coblestone ruins and drop to the third part which contains the fleecy box. If played in its intended version, void fog will obstruct the player's view at this level.

Points of interest


  • The cyan wool
  • An unlabeled Stone Tools and Food - Medium chest inside the mossy cobblestone structure.
  • In later versions of Minecraft, mining Redstone ore provides experience, so this area is perfect for getting levels for enchanting.


  • There is a fun box in the ceiling after the final turn heading towards the fleecy box.
  • Altough mobs activate redstone ores causing them to emit light and there are some glowstone blocks inside it is not enough to prevent natural mob spawns.
  • Void fog in the third part of the cave.


  • The first and second parts of the cave are similar to caves from normal minecraft worlds - just bring a sword and torches to defeat mobs and light the area to prevent natural spawns.
  • Building staircaises or using ender pearls are the easy ways to get up from the first to the second part and down from the second to the third part and vice versa.
  • The fun box can be hard to locate (due to complete darkness and void fog) and even harder to destroy (because it is in the ceiling) but by drinking a speed potion and running straight for the fleecy box you won't have to fight any of the mobs.
  • If you want to destroy the fun box stay close to the right wall - there is a place where you can jump up almost to the ceiling (mobs except skeletons can't reach you there). From there you can destroy the fun box.
  • The third part of the cave can be completly avoided by simply walking to the western wall (use F3) after dropping down from the second part and digging to the north - you will end up right next to the fleecy box.

Leads to


  • The name of this area is likely a reference to Norfair, another location in the Metroid game series.