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Pain Water

Pain Water is the Light Blue Wool dungeon in Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


Pain Water is entirely made up of lava and water. The player has to jump into the water, then swim to the wool without touching the lava. There are air pockets that can keep the players from drowning, but these are dangerous as there is a risk of falling out of the water and into the lava. Halfway through, players will emerge from the water into a dome of still lava, only to have to dive back down again. After this, the water will get more narrow, and avoiding lava will become harder. There is a secret room that gives the players diamond tools, bread and other items, but if the chest is destroyed, it will set off tnt. 

Points of Interest


  • Light Blue Wool


  • A chest containing diamond tools, bread, arrows, cobblestone and other items.
  • A chest containing 27 bread.
  • The ceiling of the dungeon is made out of large chunks of coal ore.


  • The lava is the main threat, as touching it too many times will kill the player.
  • There is a TNT trap hidden beneath the above mentioned loot chest, triggered by attempting to pick up the chest (or completely by random).


  • Leave all of your items in a chest near the entrance, then sleep in a bed to reset your spawn point. Items will not help you here.
  • A fire resistance potion renders this area utterly trivial (as it allows the player to simply swim through the lava), but the only way to get one is to skip ahead far enough to encounter and defeat a Blaze (e.g. in the Swamp of Despair, an otherwise very difficult area) and find some Nether wart in a random loot chest (at least one is known to exist in the East Commons).
  • It is possible to skip the first half of the level entirely by building a catwalk from the entrance to above the dome section, and then simply just dropping into the water through one of the holes on the dome.
  • One of the difficulties of the dungeon is that once the player has found the wool, they must take the same way back without dying. However, since the wool is encased in a tall room of glass, it is entirely possible to reach the wool, note down the coordinates, then if dying on the way back, simply build a catwalk over the lava using the X/Z coordinates, use gravel or sand to clear out the lava above the glass room, and just drop down to the wool and pillar back up.
  • In the ceiling, there is a brick block with a sign on it, telling that it is right above the wool. Since lava is 1 block thik above the wool. You can make a platform above that place, then dig up a hole in it, and drop down to get the wool.

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