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Paradise is an area in Waking Up which can be reached from a rail line at the end of Inventory Wipe Horror Festival. It was intended to be a joke - the player is supposed to emerge on a sandstone platform at the top of a jungle tree in an area resembling natural terrain, but just beneath the ground is a dense grid of TNT which explodes once the player descends.

Due to a change in Minecraft, though, the portal linkage broke, causing the player to emerge on top of a Jungle tree in actual natural terrain, arguably making it a real Paradise.

Uses of Paradise

  • Getting resources to beat other areas.
  • Collecting iron, gold and diamonds for the block in the victory monument.
  • Mining the Redstone Block for the victory monument.


  • The actual destination portal in Paradise is located at -4673,89,209, which is not close enough to the source portal's natural destination of -5232,88,-88 (which is where it actually sends you) to properly connect. If you move the source portal about 60 blocks closer (i.e. along the rail line rather than at the end), it will connect properly.

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