Paralogue Dungeons are a series of optional dungeons in Super Hostile Online which offer additional benefits aside from the Dungeon Coins and Info Tags given by the main sequence floors. Currently only one Paralogue Dungeon is open.

Paralogue 1 - Gravebound

2017-01-13 19.16.02


The first Paralogue added, this dungeon originally granted players a protection system for their items once they died, preventing other people from stealing their belongings. A plugin has since been made to replace this function. Located in the Cave of Bones, Gravebound is now a place for advanced players to reclaim lost experience levels after a devastating death. Each level purchased costs 1GG. Wither Skeletons known as Bone Guards spawn here, equipped with Thorns shields, leather armor and the knockback resistance attribute, making this dungeon more dangerous than most early-level dungeon floors.

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