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Peaceful Lake

Peaceful Lake is an area in Legendary, a CTM map by Vechs.


Peaceful Lake is a lake surrounded by sugar cane and birch trees, with an island in the middle. The room is covered in glowstone to decrease mob spawns to almost nothing. The island in the middle has a hole in it, and going down here leads to a mini-dungeon under the lake. The first room is made of bedrock and has creeper spawners, rest from here is a maze. At the end of the maze is a portal to End of Sanity, and a railway back to Intersection 4.

Points of Interest


  • Birch trees
  • Sugar Cane
  • Glowstone


  • 8 Creeper spawners in bedrock room
  • Fun boxes  under stone sections in maze
  • Lava under a narrow bridge to the portal


  • Railway back to Intersection 4


  • Use torches to mark any places in the maze that has already been explored.

Leads to...

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