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The Pink Wool Fleecy Mob

The Pink Wool Spider is a Fleecy Mob in Black Desert II, a Hunter CTM map by Vechs.


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A full view of the small dungeon with loot

The Pink Wool Spider is the first spider Fleecy Mob encountered in the game, and is located directly North-West of where the Lime Wool Skeleton is found. Unlike most Fleecy Mobs, it does not wear wool on its head. Instead, it is on fire to notify the player of what it is. Its hunting grounds also have a small moss stone area with various loot chests, though the player need not venture in to this area specifically to find the Pink Wool Spiders, as they spawn over a large area.

Mob Analysis


  • Knockback II Fire Aspect II Iron axe
  • Protection III Chain Chest plate


  • Pink Wool
  • Porkchop
  • 5 Bottles o' Enchanting



  • Andrean Paper Cutter (Sharpness VII Paper)
  • Power Miner 1000 (Efficiency X Unbreaking III Wooden Pickaxe)
  • Enchanted Leather Armor


  • 2 Splash Potion of Speed spawners


  • Pink Wool Spider
  • Cave Spiders
  • Charged Creepers

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