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Pink Wool Dungeon

This is the Pink Wool Dungeon of Lethamyr, a CTM map by Vechs


The Pink Wool Dungeon's entrance is a short structure made of mossy stone bricks. Outside the entrance is a pillar with glowstone on top. Inside the dungeon is a waterfall that leads to a flooded floor, and a door which leads to a spiral stairwell. Near the bottom of the stairwell is a water lake cavern with loot chests inside. A little bit below this is the door to the main part of the dungeon, a cave with many mossy cobblestone walls and platforms. The Fleecy Box is located down a hole at the end of the ruins.

Points of Interest


  • Pink Wool


  • Redstone


  • Cave Spider Spawner
  • Blaze Spawner
  • Skeleton Spawners
  • Spider Spawners
  • Creeper Spawners
  • Zombie Spawners