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Planar Warp

Planar Warp is a dungeon in Kaizo Caverns, a CTM map by Vechs.


Planar Warp is made of overlapping diamond shaped rooms of stone and netherack. This dungeon contains the black wool, and is a path to Citadel of Demons, the final dungeon. While most of the caverns are diamond shaped, many will overlap to form huge caves. Hidden in the dungeon is a tunnel back to Starlight Cavern, which has the Magenta Wool. The wool is located near the entrance to Citadel of Demons. Because of the flames on the Netherack, the area is decently lit.

Points of Interest


  • Black wool


Leads to....


  • A similar area was made in Inferno Mines, Flame Warp. It follows the same design as Planar Warp, but is easier.