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Purple Wool Dungeon

This is the Purple Wool Dungeon in Lethamyr, a CTM map by Vechs.


The Purple Wool Dungeon is a very tall tower made entirely of stone bricks. The path up to the top is a simple spiral staircase which goes inside and out. The only notable room in the entire dungeon is a small room near the top which contains 2 random mob spawners. The Purple Wool is located at the top.

Points of Interest


  • Purple Wool



  • It is very easy to fall off the stairs and die of fall damage.

Variant A

  • Blaze and Enderman spawners in the only major room.

Variant B

Variant C

  • Enderman spawners in the only major room

Variant D

  • Zombie and Blaze Spawners in the only major room.


  • A bucket of water is a valuable item to have here, not only can it save players from long falls if the player times the placing of it perfectly, but it can also provide a quick exit from the tower after the wool is collected.
  • Water is also very helpful in variants C and D, as it can remove the endermen in variant C without angering them and assist in killing the Blazes in variant D.

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