Race for Wool Lanes

The two lanes in Race for Wool #02 - Direct Fire

Race for Wool is a multiplayer CTM series created by Vechs, where two opposing teams attempt to complete a small Victory Monument before the other. So far, only two maps of this kind have been made by Vechs, Hostilities Begin and Direct Fire.


A Race for Wool map has two lanes, one for each team. Each lane is identical, mirroring the other, and is full of the typical traps and hostilities expected from a CTM map. Both teams work towards the goal of finding all three wool (Green, Blue and Red) hidden in Fleecy Boxes in their respective lanes. The first team to retrieve all three wool and place them on the Victory Monument wins the match. The rules for each match are exactly the same as a normal Super Hostile map, with the added rule that neither team can leave their respective lane. Doing so is considered a forfeit.


To date, only two Race for Wool maps have been made by Vechs. It seems unlikely that he will return to this genre of map.

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