Ragequit Holidays
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Ragequit Holidays

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Ragequit Holdiays is the first map in the Mini Hostile series by Vechs. It was created as a special for Christmas of 2011. Unlike the other maps, this is based on parkour and puzzle.


In Ragequit Holidays, players have to put their parkour skills to the test. There are 4 levels to this map, 3 wool and the Victory Monument. After players reach the end of the level, they have to go through a little more trouble to collect the wool. Mobs do not appear until the third level. If the player misses just one jump, they land in lava and have to restart the map, as this is on hardcore mode (even though they'll have to restart regardless of whether it's on Hardcore or not, due to there only being one wool in each chest). The fourth and final level is a dome with a Christmas Tree on top, as well as the Victory Monument . The mobs can be deadly if unprepared or still doing parkour.


  1. Bedrock Blocks (Green Wool)
  2. Small strips of bedrock (Blue Wool)
  3. Ghast Spawners included (Red Wool)
  4. Christmas Tree Dome (Victory Monument)


Vechs Fails at Mini Hostile 01 Ragequit Holidays (V009)02:27

Vechs Fails at Mini Hostile 01 Ragequit Holidays (V009)

Vechs tries Ragequit Holidays

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