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Rattle-bone Crypts

Rattle-bone Crypts is the Blue and Green Wool Dungeon of Spellbound Caves, a CTM map by Vechs.


Rattlebone Crypts is a series of crypts arranged in a 5x12 grid. Each crypt is made up of mossy stone brick, obsidian, stone slabs, wooden stairs, glass and lapis blocks. Some of the crypts contain loot chests, and two of them have wool. There are also 4 spawners in the middle of each crypt. The perimeter has a wall covered in iron bars, and the floor is made of soul sand. The Green Wool is located in the 12th row (the far back) on the right edge, and the Blue Wool is located in the 4th row in the 2nd crypt from the left.

Points of Interest


  • Blue Wool
  • Green Wool



  • Zombie and Skeletons spawners above each crypt's entrance
  • Blaze spawners in the ceiling above each crypt (to discourage bridging)


Leads to...

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